Mission work in Cameroon, Africa

Buckingham Road has been involved with the church in Cameroon for the past 13 years, helping evangelize and encourage spiritual growth. Cameroon is in Central Africa; the country is roughly the size of California with a population of about 15 million. Originally, Cameroon was colonized by both the French and the British; hence, both languages are spoken within the country. Approximately 75% of the populace is French-speaking, 25% are English speaking.

Buckingham Road’s association with African churches began through Jim Corner. He began mission work under oversight of the Buckingham Road eldership in 1991, working in Ghana. However, in 1996, Jim began focusing on Cameroon. Jim works with native churches to enhance their growth through mentoring and developing native leadership in congregations.The emphasis is on helping the Cameroonian churches mature.

Jim is coordinator of the Cameroon work. He makes three trips annually to Cameroon, and is accompanied by Buckingham Road members on at least two of those trips. During the first trip each year in February, leadership training seminars are conducted for Cameroonian brothers and sisters. Several hundred church leaders are trained each year. Jim is accompanied by at least one brother and at least one sister from the U.S. to assist in the seminars. Jim’s focus each seminar is helping brethren see more clearly how Jesus lived and thus give encouragement in following Christ’s example. The second brother stresses an area of leadership to the men. The American sister teaches Cameroon women how they may better be of service in the church. The women’s focus in recent years has been to build up the Sunday School program for children. A native couple has written a curriculum for children’s Bible classes; recent emphasis has been on assisting Cameroon sisters in learning how to better teach children.

In June of each year Jim leads a team of Americans on an evangelistic campaign that targets the English side of the country. In the middle of October he travels on another campaign that reaches out to the French side. Buckingham Road members generally accompany Jim on these two trips. Christians from other U.S. locations also often go on the June and October trips. Jim has made more than 30 trips. He and those traveling with him have taught more than 4,000 people, with about 1,500 of those surrendering their lives to the Lord.

Jim is always open to those who desire to work with him on a campaign or who can contribute to assist the work. For more information, Jim can be contacted at .