Discipleship Ministry

Adult Classes

Several adult classes are taught each quarter on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Men of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to volunteer to assist in the teaching responsibilities.

Benevolence The mission of this ministry is to assist those in need in our area; specifically, to facilitate BRCC members becoming more involved in this service. Of first priority are members of BRCC who have physical and financial needs. Assistance may also be given to non-members who have been referred by a BRCC member. The involvement of members and established congregational groups (Care Groups, classes, etc.) is critical to this ministry.

BRCC Singers

This ministry gives members who enjoy singing an opportunity to participate in a singing group.

Care Groups

BRCC presently has Care Groups who meet in homes or the building two Sunday nights per month. These groups provide a more intimate setting for worship and fellowship so that our members can develop closer relationships. Care group members are encouraged to invite friends.

Children’s Classes

This ministry is responsible for coordinating Bible classes and some activities for infants through 6th grade. Men and women teachers and assistants are needed for all of the classes. Individuals or husband/wife teams are encouraged to teach.

Children’s Class – Kingdom Kids

This is our young children’s (3 to 6 years old) worship service on Sunday mornings. Lesson plans are provided. Men, women and teens are needed to support this teaching opportunity.

Christian Works for Children

This non-profit organization supported by Dallas area Churches of Christ provides adoption services, family counseling, and children’s grief support.

College and Singles

This class is for all who are college age (whether or not they attend college) and also includes young singles up to approximately age 30. The class meets on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Men are needed to share in teaching duties; men and women are needed to assist with social activities for the class.