Women's Ministry


This committee will be responsible for helping the coordinator and assistant in production of periodic newsletters. Those individuals with perspective in specific areas/age groups are particularly encouraged to assist.

Nursery Care

A nursery staffed by BRCC members is available for children ages 0 to 2 during the Sunday morning and evening services. A large number of volunteers are needed to serve in the nursery on a rotating basis. A schedule for the year will be sent out with reminders as needed.

Prayer Partners

Prayer partners are two ladies, on a one to one basis, using this avenue to encourage and pray for each other. The emphasis of the program is not on meeting for a prayer session (unless that is the mutually agreeable arrangement), but rather praying FOR your partner on a regular basis. After the names are drawn, the session will run until June and will conclude with a tea, brunch or other activity.

Secret Sisters

After a random drawing, participants will have the opportunity to encourage their secret sister in a variety of ways including sending notes, small gifts, flowers, etc We especially want to remember birthdays, anniversaries, prayer requests and illnesses. A “revealing party” will be held at the end of the session. This program runs concurrent with Prayer Partners; ladies may choose to sign up for one or both of these ministries.

Senior Saints

The goal of this committee is to honor the older members of BRCC by letting them know they are in our thoughts each month. We want to especially remember their birthdays and anniversaries with cards, visit them when possible and be mindful of those who are sick or bereaved. During certain months of the year, we plan dinners and other activities in their honor.


Volunteers are needed to work with wedding and baby showers for BRCC members or to provide their homes as a location for the showers. A hostess team, assembled by the coordinator, plans the individual showers. Showers also may be hosted in the fellowship area and/or nursery.

Special Occasion Closet

Located over the kitchen area, this room provides a location to store decorative items and supplies for weddings, showers and banquets. Items include: punch bowl and snack sets, tablecloths, silk flowers, candelabras, etc. This committee sees that this room is kept organized and that items are checked out and returned promptly.