Worship Ministry

Communion Preparation

This ministry provides opportunities for members to prepare the communion for both Sunday services on a “one month at a time” basis. This is a quiet, behind-the-scenes ministry that is very important.

Funeral Music

This ministry gives our members with singing ability the opportunity to serve others when a request has been made for singers. PowerPoint Preparation PowerPoint presentations are used during the worship service to provide song lyrics and help to visualize aspects of the sermon.

Prayer Ministry

This ministry promotes and encourages effective prayer in the congregation through activities such as 5th Tuesday prayer sessions.

Public Address System

This ministry operates and maintains the public address systems used in the main auditorium and fellowship hall which are used for worship services, church activities, weddings, and funerals.

Worship Participation

This ministry coordinates and schedules men to fulfill all aspects of the worship service to assure that the service is uplifting and well organized. The elders desire to have every baptized male of the congregation participate in serving in our congregational worship to God.