Outreach Ministry


This is a new ministry designed to get involved with a local elementary school to provide supplies for students needing help. The intent is to create a contributing BRCC presence in the community.

Angel Food Ministries

This is a new ministry that launched in 2009. The program provides the ability for members of the community and BRCC to receive a box of food staples and meats once a month at a very reasonable price.

Greeting Ministry

The Greeting ministry goal is to warmly welcome everyone to our services. We want to make sure that our guests have a pleasant and seeker-friendly experience. Greeters will assist visitors with information about our congregation, direction to Bible classes, restrooms etc.

Local Advertising/Publicity

The purpose of this ministry is to utilize the various communication methods to inform our community, as well as our members, about church sponsored activities such as special seminars, VBS, Friend’s Day, Fall Festival and other outreach related events.

Local Missions

This ministry seeks to provide biblical knowledge and practical training to anyone who has the desire to teach the gospel to lost souls encountered in our everyday activities. (The primary method used to accomplish this task is an eleven-week class entitled “Christ’s Ambassadors”). Need Christians willing to teach lost souls.

New Converts Follow-Up

The purpose of this ministry is to help all new Christians grow in their Bible knowledge and develop deeper relationships within the body of Christ. Various activities such as new convert classes, one-on-one and group Bible studies are utilized to promote fellowship and nurturing for our new brothers and sisters in Christ. Needed: (a) Coordinator (b) Christians to teach Bible studies (c) Christians to open their homes for Bible classes and fellowships

Outreach Care Group

The Outreach Care Group will be encouraged to lovingly reach out to people seeking a deeper purpose for their lives by extending an invitation to a non-threatening home bible study, fellowship and worship. After a few weeks of prayer, fasting and seeker-sensitive Bible studies the group will focus on ways to invite people to the Church and our group meetings. The Outreach care group will meet on the first and third Sundays as do other care groups.